At Vibe Studios, we put on Cheer Show Offs every 6 months. Our mid-year Cheer Show Offs are held in June and our end of year Cheer Show Offs are held in November. Friends and family members are invited to celebrate and enjoy the hard work our students have put in during the year. Our Cheer Show Offs are held at Vibe Studios. All competitive troupe cheerleaders as well as Fun Cheer students are expected to perform at our Cheer Show Offs. Please let us know ASAP if you cannot make it to your Cheer Show Off. Our dates for our 2020 Cheer Show Offs are Saturday 13th June for mid-year and Saturday 21st November for end-of-year. 

We run 3 Cheer Show Offs that take place in the evening. Fun Cheer students and Superstars perform in one show only. All competitive troupe cheerleaders perform in all 3 shows. This excludes Boas and Rattlesnakes who perform only in Shows 1 and 2.


John Travers Photography take group and individual shots of our cheerleaders on the day of our Cheer Show Offs. Shortly after the photos have been taken, they become available online for purchase.


In order to prepare for our Cheer Show Offs, we run a dress rehearsal for Fun Cheer students only as a practice to ensure that we are ready for the real Cheer Show Offs. This takes place during our Fun Cheer students class time in the weeks leading up to the Cheer Show Offs. Students arrive at class in their costume with their hair and makeup done. Our dates for our 2020 Fun Cheer dress rehearsals are Monday 1st June, Tuesday 9th June - Saturday 13th June for mid-year and Monday 16th November - Saturday 21st November for end-of-year. 



Don't worry... No costume making is required! We charge a costume hire fee of $27.00 per outfit for Fun Cheer students. White canvas shoes must also be sourced and purchased.


Our competitive troupe cheerleaders must purchase our custom designed Vibe Studios cheer uniform. It is a long sleeve top & shorts. It costs approximately $200 and once purchased, is yours to keep. They are also required to have our new 2020 hair piece. The cost for this is coming soon. Cheerleading shoes also need to be sourced and purchased.



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