Competition results 2021 

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CheerCon 2021

3rd - Glittering Stars Mini Novice Jazz

3rd - Toxic Youth Hip Hop

3rd - Poison Junior Hip Hop

3rd - Shining Stars Junior Jazz

3rd - Blazing Stars Open Jazz

2nd - Chloe & Skye Senior Jazz Duo

2nd -  Twinkling Stars Tiny Novice Jazz

2nd - Twinkling Stars Tiny Novice Lyrical

2nd - Glittering Stars Mini Novice Lyrical

2nd - Lyra Youth Novice Pom

2nd - Rising Stars Youth Novice Jazz

2nd - Venom Junior Novice Hip Hop

2nd - Celeste Senior Novice Pom

2nd - Stella Youth Pom

2nd - Lethal Open Hip Hop

2nd - Blazing Stars Open Lyrical

1st - Kasey & Keirra Junior Jazz Duo

1st - Hannah & Jelinna Open Hip Hop Duo

1st - Alula Mini Novice Pom

1st - Lil’ Stingers Youth Novice Hip Hop

1st - Rising Stars Youth Novice Lyrical

1st - Shining Stars Junior Lyrical

1st - Vega Open Pom

2nd - Boas (hit zero) - Tiny Novice

2nd - Rattlesnakes (hit zero) - Mini L1

1st - Vipers (hit zero) - Open AG L2

1st - Black Mambas - Open AG L3

1st - Anacondas (hit zero) - Junior L4

1st - Taipans (hit zero) - Youth L1

Black Mambas - 1st L3 Grand Champs

Anacondas - 2nd L4 Grand Champs

Black Mambas - 4th Overall Grand Champs


Shout out to Pythons (hit zero), Adders (hit zero) and Cobras who also put amazing routines on the comp floor!