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Check out the latest results for our competitive dance and cheer students!

AASCF Winterfest

1st - BOAS Tiny Nov Cheer

1st - ADDERS Mini Nov Cheer

1st - COBRAS Jnr Nov Cheer

1st - BLACK MAMBAS Open AG L3 Cheer

1st - CONSTRICTORS Open AG L4 Cheer

1st - ALULA Mini Nov Pom

1st - RISING STARS Yth Nov Jazz

1st - RISING STARS Yth Nov Lyrical

1st - STELLA Yth Pom


1st - SPARKLING STARS Yth Lyrical

1st - VENOM Jnr Nov Hip Hop

1st - ORION Jnr Nov Pom

1st - SHINING STARS Jnr Jazz

1st - CELESTE Snr Nov Pom

1st - DAZZLING STARS Snr Nov Jazz

1st - DAZZLING STARS Snr Nov Lyrical

2nd - TAIPANS Yth L1 Cheer

2nd - TIGER SNAKES Jnr L1 Cheer

2nd - LYRA Yth Nov Pom

2nd - SHINING STARS Jnr Lyrical

2nd - BLAZING STARS Open Jazz

3rd - PYTHONS Jnr L2 Cheer

3rd - GLITTERING STARS Mini Nov Jazz

3rd - NOVA Jnr Pom

3rd - BLAZING STARS Open Lyrical


CONSTRICTORS Small Gym L4 Grand Champion

CONSTRICTORS Pinnacle Bid Winner

1st Small Gym Level 4 Top Tier

2nd Small/Large Gym Level 3 Top Tier​

Aussie Gold Vic State Championship​

1st - Youth Hip Hop Duo - Kahsha & Octavia

1st - Youth Jazz Duo - Alex & Keira

1st - Junior Hip Hop Duo - Angelina & Ella

1st - Open Pom Duo - Alex & Maddy

2nd - Youth Jazz Duo - Ashlea & Hannah

2nd - Snr Jazz Duo - Chloe & Skye

2nd - Open Pom Duo - Keira & Nichola

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