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Are you over McDonalds parties? Do you want to have a party with a difference?

Come and celebrate your next birthday with us at Vibe Studios!

You can pick one of our exciting themes or create one of your own. Do you love cheerleading, ballet, hip hop, fairies, or maybe even Jo Jo Siwa? We can base your party on your favourite thing.

Parties go for 1.5 hours unless otherwise arranged. A Vibe Studios Party Leader will be present and dressed to match your chosen theme. We start with a 1-hour dance or cheer class in one of our studios playing games based on your theme such as statues, spotlight, handstand competitions, balancing competitions, races, etc. We then spend 30 minutes in the party room for eating, opening presents and of course, the birthday cake. The Vibe Studios Party Leader can lead the singing of happy birthday, help you take photos, and play some fun background music.

The best part about it? There is no setup or pack up required by you! A Vibe Studios Party leader will have set up tables, chairs, tablecloths, plates, cups, serviettes, and decorations before the arrival of you and your guests. They will also set up food if you choose package 2. After everyone has left, the Vibe Studios Party Leader will pack away the tables, chairs, and decorations, and clean up all the mess!

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