“Can you feel the vibe?”

Maddy @ 2019 Winterfest
Open Lyrical @ 2019 Winterfest
Vega @ 2019 Winterfest
Poison @ 2019 Winterfest
Pre-School class
Junior Lyrical @ 2017 Nationals
Racersnakes @ 2018 Nationals
Superstars @ 2019 Winterfest
Anacondas @ 2018 Winterfest
Stella @ 2019 Winterfest
Venom @ 2019 Winterfest
Mini Novice Jazz @ 2018 Winterfest
Youth Novice Jazz @ 2018 Winterfest
Nova @ 2019 Winterfest
Rattlesnakes @ 2019 Winterfest
Black Mambas @ 2019 Winterfest
Anacondas @ 2018 Nationals
Open Jazz @ 2018 Nationals
Mini Novice Lyrical @ 2018 Nationals
Black Mambas @ 2018 States
Boas @ 2018 Winterfest
Youth Jazz @ 2018 Nationals
Vipers @ 2019 Winterfest
Pythons @ 2018 Nationals
Pre-School class
Vipers @ 2019 Winterfest

#cyftv - can you feel the vibe?

Vibe Studios offers dance and cheerleading classes for all ages, genders and abilities.  We offer recreational classes for those who just want a bit of fun each week and we also offer accelerated classes for those who are after more of a challenge and possibly a future career in the dance industry. All of our classes are fun, friendly and educational, and we strive to create an exciting and safe environment for dancers and cheerleaders to develop their technical skills, performance skills and also life skills. With incredible facilities, amazing teachers and over 800 students in our very comprehensive dance and cheerleading programs, we encourage you to become part of our Vibe Tribe, so that you too can feel the vibe!



5/6 120 Canterbury Road

Kilsyth South 3137

Monday 10:30am-9:30pm

Tuesday 10am-9:30pm

Wednesday 10:30am-9:30pm

Thursday 10am-9:30pm

Friday 10am-9pm

Saturday 9am-2:30pm

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Pre-School class